Your Donations Matter

Millions of families across the country don’t have access to many of the resources that they need. We here at Unique Care Connect strive to bridge these gaps. Each of your donations will help create a world where these families have access to life-changing resources right at their fingertips.

Our Mission

The mission of Unique Care Connect is to build the first mobile platform exclusive for the special needs community.


Raising Awareness

Unique Care Connect aims to highlight the state of emergency that the respite care system is in when regarding these communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how difficult it is to find care for loved ones; at UCC, we offer a solution.


Improving Respite Care

Unique Care Connect takes an active approach to improve respite care. Through our user-oriented mobile app, we are connecting an underutilized group of potential caregivers with the families who need them.


Finding the Right Medical Care

Due to the constantly evolving world of medicine, new specialties are appearing everywhere. UCC provides detailed information regarding these specialties' descriptions, how they help your loved ones, and clear directions that allow to you to utilize these resources in your area.


Legal Rights

We all know that the U.S. legal system is a complicated area to navigate. They have enacted various laws to provide individuals with special needs and their families with certain rights and protections. To keep our users up-to-date and safe, the researchers at UCC will provide precise information about these laws.


Identifying Misinformation

Unique Care Connect provides trustworthy, research-centered analyses of different treatments. When it comes time to finding new ways of caring for loved ones (i.e. new medicines, therapists, physical therapists), families can experience times of vulnerability. This can make families more susceptible to pseudo treatments that expend precious time. Not only does this add extra stress and frustration, but it can be dangerous to a loved one's health. Our research is the extra armor your family may need to avoid miscommunication regarding new treatments.


Improving Lives

Unique Care Connect strives to take action that improves the lives of the members of our communities. At the root of it all, our team finds happiness in making a genuine difference in our users' life.

What Makes
Unique Care Connect Unique?

  • Completely free services for families and those providing respite care
  • First multi-faceted platform providing resources to the special needs community
  • First caregiver finding service built exclusively for the special needs community
  • First physician finding service developed entirely for the special needs community
  • First caregiver finding service that allows the booking of same-day care

Origin Story

Unique Care Connect would not exist without our founder Steven Weideman meeting his lifelong best friends Anthony and Anthony’s twin brother Christopher in the 1st Grade. Anthony’s brother Christopher was diagnosed with severe autism at an early age. Steven, Christopher and Anthony were inseparable throughout their childhoods and did not let Chris’ condition stop them from doing what they loved.

As our group got older Steven was devastated to learn Christopher’s condition was going to result in him being placed in a different school system. After this event Steven began to notice more and more unique challenges that arose involving Christopher’s quality of life. Being the friend that Steven is, he decided to take action and become involved with the special needs community, getting to know a variety of families, teachers and caregivers. After countless conversations, it became apparent that finding beneficial resources regarding individuals with mental and cognitive disabilities was a painstaking task. Most of all, obtaining access to these resources is even more difficult. During the mass quarantines of 2020, Steven began creating Unique Care Connect to help these families obtain the resources that they were searching for.

About Us

Unique Care Connect is a 501-C3 nonprofit founded on the simple concept necessary resources regarding care for individuals should not be difficult to obtain. Unfortunately, families continuously struggle to access resources for their children and loved ones. We recognized this gap in healthcare and decided to do something about it. Unique Care Connect is a one-stop-shop that provides easy access to vital resources-immediately improving our users’ quality of life.

In the production of our mobile application we created a user interface that allows the user to book a caregiver, discover new doctors and therapists in your area, learn more about various diagnoses. Our application will provide vetted and personalized care resources directly to your fingertips.


Our Current Project

UCC is currently developing a mobile app for Apple and Android devices that embodies the entirety of our mission. Obtaining a caregiver from a traditional placement agency is a process which normally takes between 1-2 weeks. UCC has simplified this process in order to give families access to a caregiver in 15 seconds.

Rather than going through a traditional placement agency, UCC allows our users to do a custom search for caregivers and uses filtering based on a variety of comfort levels and skills of the caregivers. UCC doesn’t require a proof of address to receive care which will allow families to travel with loved ones without worrying about them receiving the proper care.

Our app also contains pages that are dedicated to educating families about the various physicians and therapists that specialize in helping the special needs community. The app will help you find all of these great medical professionals in your area. As parents always want a better understanding of their children’s conditions the app includes a hub of the latest research, thoroughly evaluating it to ensure it can be applicable to groups of people using the app.

Our Team

Steven Weideman
Christopher Dasaro
Andreas Marinescu
Research & Development
John Krudy
Dwight Silva
Owen DeJong
Executive Consultant
Maddie Harris
Digital Media Advisor
Jose Rivera
Senior Advisor
Horatio Williams II
Procedural Advisor
William Ward
Misty Kluck
Regional Director